One day in the middle of an Australian winter my mother begrudgingly went into labour and was delivered (what, by the postman?) of a wailing, flabby, unsightly (and likely none too pleased) baby girl at the Women's Hospital. Put simply, I was born in Melbourne.

     How I got from living in Australia to settling in Italy is a story far too long to narrate here, so I’ll skip that part of my life and jump to my career.

     For more than thirty years I worked as a professional actress performing both in English and in Italian under the stage name of Giannina Salvetti. In 2003 I was offered the post of English drama teacher at the Italian National Academy Silvio D’Amico. For the ten years that I taught there, I had a great time, and I truly loved teaching. Possibly I learnt more from my wonderful and talented students than they did from me.

     Then two disturbing events occurred in my life: one eventually led me to abandon teaching, whereas I was so saddened by the consequences of the other event that I got this urge to write about it, word my feelings, so to speak. Therefore, with some regret, I resigned, wrote and published a memoir then I followed-up by studying creative writing with Oxford University, and here I am.

The memoir A Bitch in Rome chronicles my husband's love affair. Like a famous royal marriage, mine was crowded. Potentially more dangerous than a sex-bomb, my rival was a mixed-breed Maltese terrier,  a rescue dog that ultimately threatened our long-standing marriage.

The novel A Bear on Trial is my first. Set in a fictitious town in today’s Italy, the novel exposes the ever-increasing divide between sapiens and nature.

The short story Rose, Gordon and... is set in Albury, Australia, and deals with war and loneliness and love.